How can I help my favorite Charity?

Every year at tax time, there’s a blizzard of TV, radio and internet commercials – as well as all the various charities out there all seem to show up to “help” you spend that tax refund that’s burning a hole in your pocket.  Buy a NEW CAR, purchase that AMAZING Mattress, buy some trendy clothes – take a trip to Tahiti – Give it all to United Way, or even one of the millions of GO FUND me folks!   It’s endless advertising on where to spend your money…Best Mattress

But what if  you’re like me and there is NO REFUND coming this year – now what?  OK – first cancel that trip and start washing your clothes inside out in cold water to make them last longer.  Next, get your car detailed to make it look and feel new.  Third, help out your favorite charity.  “Wait What?!  How can I help my favorite charity with no money?” Easy!!

First you can use someone else’s money!  Corporations like Amazon donate a percentage of your purchases to a charity of YOUR choice.  Check out 

The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to your favorite charity…and all you have to do is register your charity and order through the smile website.  Buy all the same things you already buy – but now your charity gets a donation too!

Ever Shop at Smith’s for groceries?  They also donate a percentage of sales through your rewards card.    Click on this link to get a Smith’s account and YOU chose the organization that you want to receive the donation.

This is all great, but you want your donation to be more  personal.  VOLUNTEER!Volunteer

Local Organizations like Helping Hands of Vegas Valley operate through the efforts of hundreds of volunteers every year.  From helping in the food pantry, to giving someone a ride to the doctor, to delivering food or helping in the office…  It’s ALL the little things together that make a BIG impact on the lives of others.

If you don’t have time to volunteer – ask your employer to sponsor a food drive – or ask them to donate a gift card or item to promote their business at a charity event – like Helping Hands event at TOP GOLF!

So whether you have a TAX refund and want to go do something fun with your friends…check out the Top Golf outing on June 10th – Or buy that AMAZING Mattress at Best Mattress – who makes a donation for every mattress sold –

Corporate sponsorsOR you’re like me this year and the TAX man is taking all your money away – you can always find ways to volunteer and help out your favorite charity.

Legacy Home Care LOVES to give back to our favorite local charities – our management volunteers time AND donates to Local Veterans as well as Helping Hands of Vegas Valley.  If you’d like to volunteer too or get involved with your local senior community – email