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Certified Companion Aid

I have a friend who approached me about her ailing mother in Chicago. She is flying back home to help take care of her, but knows nothing about HOW to do it. So she asked about Legacy’s caregiver training course – the Certified Companion Aid.  This is a great course for beginners in the field of Caregiving.  It’s a 19 chapter workbook with DVD produced from our franchise partner The Senior’s Choice.  Every subject on the aging process – from nutrition, our aging bodies, to various aliments, and to how to safely transfer someone from the couch to wheelchair etc…what a GREAT resource!

So whether a caregiver career is in your future or not – you can get a solid understanding of the field in this one course.  It’s also a Certified Course, which means it’s accredited so once you PASS the test at the end of the course you receive a Certificate and lapel pin to show your pride of becoming a “Certified Companion Aid.”  

CCA Course  Study it at your own pace – and take the quiz when you’re finished.

Andi's CCA  It’s a great way to learn about the proper way to care for your loved ones – as well as a friend of neighbor who needs a little help staying independent in their own home.

If you’re interested taking the course – or want to order it for a friend – feel free to give Andi a call at 702.564.2979.


Legacy Home Care receives endorsement from Rochelle at Starfish Resources

Rochelle Taylor, owner of Starfish Resources, has moved to Phoenix due to family health issues and has left all her clientele in good hands with Legacy Home Care.  Rochelle was personally involved with each of her clients – shopping, running errands, taking them to Doctor appointments, going to the beauty shop, helping pay bills, as well as providing family members a break (IE. Respite Care) for the day.  Rochelle has been providing service in Las Vegas and Henderson for seven years and it’s an honor to know that she feels comfortable leaving her friends and clients in the hands of Andi Graham – and the Legacy Home Care team!

You can still reach out to Rochelle, if you’d like to say “Hello”  She still answers her phone at 702.871.2953.  However, if you need a little help with your errands or getting to that Doctor appointment – feel free to call Andi any time at 702.564.2979.

Starfish Press Release 4-7-16


How do I Prevent a Catastrophic Fall in my home?

We want to help folks stay independent in their own homes – and one of the keys ways of doing that is to keep folks from falling and injuring themselves.

70 Percent of accidental deaths in people over the age of 75 occur due to falls!  How do you know if you’re a high risk for falling?   Watch our segment on the Morning Blend show.

Morning Blend Segment

Morning blend - pic

We show how to take a Self-assessment quiz and see where your risk lies.

Fall Prevention Brochure


A Free No-obligation Home Safety assessment can also assist in lowering your risk of a fall – so call for your home assessment at 702.564.2979.



How do I find help paying for Home Care?

People often ask – “Does Aetna pay for Home Care?”  “What about Medicare, don’t they pay for In-Home Care?”  The short answer is “YES” – if there’s a medical reason.  Most health insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid pays for In-home care – in acute (short-term) situations and for limited number of hours per day or week.

But what if you need extended services in order to stay independent in your own home?  Medical insurance only goes so far in covering home care for disease control, but for chronic conditions such as Arthritis or COPD – you will have to be more creative in finding help in covering long-term home care.

Here are a couple of options that Legacy  has found helpful for our clients to offset the cost of In-Home Care…

Life Insurance Riders – Some Life Insurance policies have Riders that Accelerate the Death Benefit payments BEFORE the insured dies.  A licensed health practitioner has to certify that the Insured has a Critical Illness, Chronic Illness and/or Terminal Illness.  This includes Severe Cognitive Impairment – such as Alzheimers’ and Dementia.   Individuals would qualify for payments if they were unable to perform at least 2 Activities of Daily Living.  (Bathing, Dressing, Eating, Toileting, Continence and Transferring.)  Be sure to check your policies!

Long-Term Care Insurance – This is not common because most older folks weren’t expected to live  long enough to need care.  However, due to advancements in modern medicine, the average lifetime has significantly increased and this option is becoming more popular.  Be sure to ask your loved one just in case they had the foresight to buy it!

Veterans Benefits – Federal Benefits are available for Veterans, AND their dependents and Surviving Spouse.  This process, like any government agency, has a great deal of paperwork involved.  So if you have a loved one who served during a war or a surviving spouse of a Vet,  contact the benefits division right away at 800-827-1000, or click on the link below to download a copy of the forms.  If you need home care or are already receiving home care, those expenses should be included in your pension calculations as well.  Contact Legacy’s volunteer Veterans’ liaison, John Lawrence if you need help or just have a question with the paperwork or process.  He can be reached at 702.600.5112.

VA Forms

Aid and Attendance Form

Local Foundations and Charitable Organizations – In Las Vegas & Henderson, Organizations such as Helping Hands of Vegas Valley or The Independent Senior Foundation offer Respite Care Vouchers for family members as well as seniors who live alone and need help with food, transportation or In-home care.

For assistance on finding additional payment options in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV, contact our Legacy Home Care office at 702.564.2979, where we treat your family like our family.