Love, Honor, & Cherish ‘Til Death Do Us Part

For many of us separation comes much sooner than expected. Our needs for daily care increases. As we age our mental capacity to process information is severely diminished. Husbands and wives are at their breaking point of exhaustion taking care of their spouse. Love, honor, and cherish until death parts us would be nice. If we are not dealing with Dementia, Alzheimer (loss of mental understanding), physical range of motion, and dietary restrictions. Incontinence can be breaking point for a spouse. We even must deal with money, bills, insurance forms, doctors’ appointments, and even medication management. By the time we realize that mom or dad or having trouble with caring for each other. The money has been misted managed, medication is not being taken properly and doctors’ appointments are in disarray.  

    I recently did a free in home assessment for a family that was very concerned about their parent’s, April and Thomas. Their mom April has always taken care of the family. So, the kids (that are all adults now) did not concern themselves with the day to day business of their parent’s. Not until, a social worker called and told them that their dad Thomas was in the hospital over a medication mess-up. April was overwhelmed with grief, she thought she did not give Thomas his heart medication, so she dispensed it again. Thomas’ blood pressure dropped dangerously low and she had to call 911. A family meeting was called and all their kids went over their mom and dad’s house. It was shocking to all the kids what their mom has been doing for the both of them. April was 79 years old and her day to day list of things to do would put anyone to exhaustion. They needed help and fast, but they all had jobs. The decision was made to get a personal care agency company to do the heavy lifting (meal prep, housekeeping, medication remainders, grocery shopping, trips to the doctor’s, and anywhere they need to go). That’s where my company Legacy Home Care comes in. Our caregivers can do all that and more!

We developed a care plan that best suited April and Thomas. Also, we were able to work with their long term care insurance. The care plan we developed also included their children, physical therapist, and home health care. It wasn’t more than a week or 2 when they told me that Legacy Home Care was part of their family now.

John Lawerence
Legacy Home Care