Volunteering with Helping Hands of Vegas Valley

While Legacy works hard to care for our own clients, we also support other organizations that are committed to caring for less fortunate senior citizens in our valley.  Helping Hands of Vegas Valley is one of those organizations who go the extra mile extra every day to provide services for senior citizens in need. This local Las Vegas Non-Profit is now in need themselves!  They need additional volunteers and cash donations to meet the increased demand caused by COVID-19.

Helping Hands of Vegas Valley’s mission is to improve the quality of life for senior citizens and their families so they can maintain their dignity and independence. We know that COVID-19 can have the deadliest impact on our seniors, so an increase in volunteers to deliver the food to keep our seniors safe at home along with the implementation of strict safety guidelines, is a top priority among the Helping Hands staff.

Helping Hands of Vegas Valley volunteers are a group of dedicated and committed individuals who enjoy enriching the lives of others in the community and are vital to the success of fulfilling the Helping Hands mission. In addition to pandemic-related opportunities, volunteers can be a part of the Pantry Team that helps stage food for delivery, complete administrative duties, provide professional services, and more.

You must be 18 years of age to apply for all volunteer positions at Helping Hands of Vegas Valley except for the Pantry Team. Anyone over the age of 12 is welcome to volunteer in our pantry with the proper supervision.

Find out how you can help

In addition to volunteers, Helping Hands of Vegas Valley is in need of direct donations. All donations made during the month of April will go directly to purchasing food and cloth bags to deliver to senior citizens. If you wish to donate food, consider donating the following items:

  • Canned tuna
  • Canned chicken
  • Low-sugar fruits
  • Low-sodium diced tomatoes
  • Low-sodium vegetables
  • Low-sodium beans
  • Peanut butter

Helping Hands of Vegas Valley Senior Assistance

During the COVID-19 pandemic and period of isolation, Helping Hands of Vegas Valley is committed to offering the following services:

  • Grocery delivery to home-bound senior citizens
  • Transportation for senior citizens while keeping health and safety a priority
  • Walk-in food pantry open from 8am to 12pm for all senior citizens (60+ Must show ID as proof of age)
  • Emergency food bags

Helping Hands of Vegas Valley also provides a Respite Care Voucher Program. The respite program, funded by the State of Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division, provides short-term relief from physical, emotional, and daily demands of caring for an older  individual in the home. This can be a great resource for family caregivers. Services available through the Respite Care Program include facility overnight stays, in-home care, and adult daycare.

Helping Hands of Vegas Valley COVID 19 Response

In addition to bringing on more volunteers, Helping Hands of Vegas Valley upgraded its standard procedures to provide the most help possible while keeping health and safety a top priority. Some recent modifications include:

  • Meal delivery to homebound seniors who are not current clients
  • Requests that seniors come to the pantry if possible to limit the number of deliveries required
  • Volunteers and staff are being asked to work from home if and when possible
  • Modifications to becoming one of the 43 Three Square partner agencies open for business

A robust COVID-19 service policy has been given to and implemented by all volunteers and staff to ensure safety is top of mind at all times.

Visit the Helping Hands of Vegas Valley website to find COVID-19 resources like a list of senior citizen shopping hours, a list of services for senior citizens in Clark County, and CDC-recommended guidelines for daily life.

If you are ready to volunteer, donate, or just learn more, contact Brenda Jepson at 702-507-1850 or Learn more at the Helping Hands of Vegas Valley website and at www.LegacyInHomeCare/