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Celebrating with Joseph Thomas – As he turns 102 years old today!

Happy 102nd Birthday Joseph Thomas

Celebrating milestones with our clients, who have become like family to us here at Legacy In Home Care, is something that we value, and hold dear.  Today, July 29th, 2020, we celebrate this day with our client, Joseph Thomas,who turned 102 today!   Joe has been a client of Legacy In Home Care for years now.  During this pandemic, we were not able to visit Joe in his assisted living facility.  We were able to bring a balloon and some flowers to Joe.  Joe’s daughter Sheila Thomas was able to spend some quality time with Joe on his special day.  Let’s all wish Joe a Happy 102nd Birthday!Read More


Purple Heart Award of the Month Winner for March 2020

Our caregivers are devoted to providing the most professional, reliable, and friendly care in the industry. They provide assistance with daily living activities such as, errands, transportation to doctors, medication reminders, housekeeping, laundry, dressing, preparing meals, and assisting in the shower.  Our wonderful Caregivers truly have a passion for providing care. Most importantly, each and every one of our caregivers is dependable, warm, and attentive.

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Celebrations at Legacy Home Care

Celebrating the small wins is just as important as the big wins. As time goes on, the small stuff can become more important than the big stuff. Life is full of precious moments to celebrate, and we at Legacy Home Care are ready to celebrate each and every moment with our clients and their families.   

Finding something to celebrate every day gives our clients and caregivers motivation to keep going every day. Harvard Business Review found that, “whether [people] are trying to solve a major scientific mystery or simply produce a high-quality product or service, everyday progress—even a small win—can make all the difference in how they feel and perform.”

Not only is it important to celebrate the wins, it’s also important to keep a positive atmosphere as a non-medical home care agency for our clients and caregivers. People do better work, make fewer mistakes, and work their jobs longer when they’re happy. Happiness and motivation play a big role in positivity, joy, and pride. Those are essential emotions to provide the best in-home care possible for all our clients. 

Even the minor milestones matter, and we make sure they do at Legacy Home Care. When the weather is nice, we celebrate with an outing. When a special day or event comes up, we celebrate the day or event. Even during a pandemic, we know when to celebrate something special with our in-home care senior clients.

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