Caregivers of the month for April, May and June 2020

During this time of pandemic, its important to always remember the things that we can celebrate.  There is always a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; and a time to celebrate!

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Dorothy Heron – April 24, 1924 to August 30, 2020

Here at Legacy Home Care, Our motto is:  Where your family is our family.

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Celebrating with Joseph Thomas – As he turns 102 years old today!

Happy 102nd Birthday Joseph Thomas

Celebrating milestones with our clients, who have become like family to us here at Legacy In Home Care, is something that we value, and hold dear.  Today, July 29th, 2020, we celebrate this day with our client, Joseph Thomas,who turned 102 today!   Joe has been a client of Legacy In Home Care for years now.  During this pandemic, we were not able to visit Joe in his assisted living facility.  We were able to bring a balloon and some flowers to Joe.  Joe’s daughter Sheila Thomas was able to spend some quality time with Joe on his special day.  Let’s all wish Joe a Happy 102nd Birthday!Read More


Purple Heart Award of the Month Winner for March 2020

Our caregivers are devoted to providing the most professional, reliable, and friendly care in the industry. They provide assistance with daily living activities such as, errands, transportation to doctors, medication reminders, housekeeping, laundry, dressing, preparing meals, and assisting in the shower.  Our wonderful Caregivers truly have a passion for providing care. Most importantly, each and every one of our caregivers is dependable, warm, and attentive.

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Celebrations at Legacy Home Care

Celebrating the small wins is just as important as the big wins. As time goes on, the small stuff can become more important than the big stuff. Life is full of precious moments to celebrate, and we at Legacy Home Care are ready to celebrate each and every moment with our clients and their families.   

Finding something to celebrate every day gives our clients and caregivers motivation to keep going every day. Harvard Business Review found that, “whether [people] are trying to solve a major scientific mystery or simply produce a high-quality product or service, everyday progress—even a small win—can make all the difference in how they feel and perform.”

Not only is it important to celebrate the wins, it’s also important to keep a positive atmosphere as a non-medical home care agency for our clients and caregivers. People do better work, make fewer mistakes, and work their jobs longer when they’re happy. Happiness and motivation play a big role in positivity, joy, and pride. Those are essential emotions to provide the best in-home care possible for all our clients. 

Even the minor milestones matter, and we make sure they do at Legacy Home Care. When the weather is nice, we celebrate with an outing. When a special day or event comes up, we celebrate the day or event. Even during a pandemic, we know when to celebrate something special with our in-home care senior clients.

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Purple Heart of the Month Winners!!

Our caregivers are devoted to providing the most professional, reliable, and friendly care in the industry. They provide assistance with daily living activities such as, errands, transportation to doctors, medication reminders, housekeeping, laundry, dressing, preparing meals, and assisting in the shower.  Our wonderful Caregivers truly have a passion for providing care. Most importantly, each and every one of our caregivers is dependable, warm, and attentive.

These outstanding traits have only become more important and more apparent during the COVID-19 crisis. Our caregivers are on the frontlines of COVID-19 and are handling it with the grace and compassion we could’ve never expected. For all their hard work, we are proud to give them the acknowledgment they deserve.   In many cases, they have stepped in the place of family members while the family self- quarantined.

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Honoring Our Veterans this Memorial Day – May 25, 2020

Memorial Day, observed every year on the last Monday of May, is an important American holiday. This day is unofficially known as the start of summer, with backyard bbq’s and family get-togethers. Officially, this is a day to honor the brave men and women who fought for our country and died. 

This day was originally called Decoration Day and first popped up in the years after the Civil War. Memorial Day became a federal holiday in 1971. Although some use this day to start their summer activities, many others will take this time to observe Memorial Day by visiting loved ones at cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings in honor of loved ones lost, and participating in parades to honor our fallen soldiers. 

Here at Legacy Home Care, we would like to take this time to highlight the brave men and women whom we had the honor to serve during the last days of their lives.  

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Volunteering with Helping Hands of Vegas Valley

While Legacy works hard to care for our own clients, we also support other organizations that are committed to caring for less fortunate senior citizens in our valley.  Helping Hands of Vegas Valley is one of those organizations who go the extra mile extra every day to provide services for senior citizens in need. This local Las Vegas Non-Profit is now in need themselves!  They need additional volunteers and cash donations to meet the increased demand caused by COVID-19.

Helping Hands of Vegas Valley’s mission is to improve the quality of life for senior citizens and their families so they can maintain their dignity and independence. We know that COVID-19 can have the deadliest impact on our seniors, so an increase in volunteers to deliver the food to keep our seniors safe at home along with the implementation of strict safety guidelines, is a top priority among the Helping Hands staff.

Helping Hands of Vegas Valley volunteers are a group of dedicated and committed individuals who enjoy enriching the lives of others in the community and are vital to the success of fulfilling the Helping Hands mission. In addition to pandemic-related opportunities, volunteers can be a part of the Pantry Team that helps stage food for delivery, complete administrative duties, provide professional services, and more.

You must be 18 years of age to apply for all volunteer positions at Helping Hands of Vegas Valley except for the Pantry Team. Anyone over the age of 12 is welcome to volunteer in our pantry with the proper supervision.

Find out how you can help

In addition to volunteers, Helping Hands of Vegas Valley is in need of direct donations. All donations made during the month of April will go directly to purchasing food and cloth bags to deliver to senior citizens. If you wish to donate food, consider donating the following items:

  • Canned tuna
  • Canned chicken
  • Low-sugar fruits
  • Low-sodium diced tomatoes
  • Low-sodium vegetables
  • Low-sodium beans
  • Peanut butter

Helping Hands of Vegas Valley Senior Assistance

During the COVID-19 pandemic and period of isolation, Helping Hands of Vegas Valley is committed to offering the following services:

  • Grocery delivery to home-bound senior citizens
  • Transportation for senior citizens while keeping health and safety a priority
  • Walk-in food pantry open from 8am to 12pm for all senior citizens (60+ Must show ID as proof of age)
  • Emergency food bags

Helping Hands of Vegas Valley also provides a Respite Care Voucher Program. The respite program, funded by the State of Nevada Aging and Disability Services Division, provides short-term relief from physical, emotional, and daily demands of caring for an older  individual in the home. This can be a great resource for family caregivers. Services available through the Respite Care Program include facility overnight stays, in-home care, and adult daycare.

Helping Hands of Vegas Valley COVID 19 Response

In addition to bringing on more volunteers, Helping Hands of Vegas Valley upgraded its standard procedures to provide the most help possible while keeping health and safety a top priority. Some recent modifications include:

  • Meal delivery to homebound seniors who are not current clients
  • Requests that seniors come to the pantry if possible to limit the number of deliveries required
  • Volunteers and staff are being asked to work from home if and when possible
  • Modifications to becoming one of the 43 Three Square partner agencies open for business

A robust COVID-19 service policy has been given to and implemented by all volunteers and staff to ensure safety is top of mind at all times.

Visit the Helping Hands of Vegas Valley website to find COVID-19 resources like a list of senior citizen shopping hours, a list of services for senior citizens in Clark County, and CDC-recommended guidelines for daily life.

If you are ready to volunteer, donate, or just learn more, contact Brenda Jepson at 702-507-1850 or brenda.jepson@hhovv.org. Learn more at the Helping Hands of Vegas Valley website and at www.LegacyInHomeCare/resources.com.


Navigating COVID-19 in Nevada

Like all states in the US and many countries around the world, we are experiencing the threat of COVID-19 here in Nevada. It is a time of unease for everyone, but can be especially scary for the community of people who already need in-home care, and the people who love them. We want to be clear about the steps we are taking to ensure our patients’ safety as well as offer some guidance for how you can stay safe as we navigate this health threat together.

Guidelines for Combatting COVID-19 in Nevada

The COVID-19 virus has been found to have a much greater effect on the community we serve: the elderly and those who are immune-suppressed. Therefore, we are taking every recommended precaution seriously and hope you are doing the same. We already take extreme care and caution in our caregiver sanitary guidelines, utilizing gloves and other sanitary products at all times. We are confident that our clients and their loved ones will feel secure knowing that we are carefully following hygienic guidelines.  As you spend time navigating this crisis with your family, we’ll be here to make sure your loved ones are safe. 

Legacy Home Care Temporary Guidelines

If our caregivers has a fever or has been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, or has traveled to a location with a high number of confirmed cases, they will be sent home immedicately. This means they will not be in contact with your loved one or with any of our caregivers that will continue to work, for a minimum of 3 days after their fever has left. The guidelines for self-isolation will go a long way in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in Nevada as we continue to provide much-needed care to our patients.  Caregivers who believe they may have been in contact with COVID-19 but do not show symptoms, may self-quarantine for up to 14 days before returning to their regular clients should no symptoms appear during the self-isolation period.

Recommended Precautions for all Nevada Residents

As we are affected worldwide, there are some universal precautions that every human can take to protect themselves and their loved ones from COVID-19. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds – sing “Happy Birthday” two times to help pass the time. Minimize time spent outside of your home – other than outdoor activities that you can do away from other people. Continue to take steps to strengthen your immune system like getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and exercise while avoiding overly-vigorous activities.  When you have to be in public settings, wear gloves when going into grocery stores, gas stations or doctor’s offices.  Dispose of the gloves upon leaving each location.  Use disinfectant regularly on all surfaces, doorknobs, electronic devices and lightswitches – our caregivers will assist you!  Regular use of hand-sanitizer in addition to hand-washing is also strongerly recommended to stop the spread of COVID-19.

According to the American Heart Association, people who have heart disease or who have survived a stroke are at greater risk if infected with COVID-19; based on current information, it appears elderly people with coronary heart disease or hypertension are more likely to be infected and to develop more severe symptoms. Stroke survivors may also face an increased risk for complications if they contract COVID-19. Use extreme caution when coming in contact with anyone in your life that falls under those categories of risk. When in doubt, social distancing is best.

Assessing, Testing, and Reporting COVID-19 in Nevada

Knowing what to do if you think you might be infected can reduce a lot of the anxiety surrounding this virus. Below are the guidelines offered by the State of Nevada if you begin to feel symptomatic.

Diagnosing COVID-19 in Nevada

Outlined here are clear steps have been developed for symptomatic individuals in Clark County. 

  • If you begin feeling symptomatic, call your healthcare provider to discuss symptoms before arriving at the facility.
  • Once a healthcare provider recommends you visit a facility, go directly there to discuss potential exposures and have your symptoms assessed.
  • If the provider believes you have been infected, they will immediately isolate you and contact the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) epidemiology program.
  • Your healthcare provider will then collect and package your COVID-19 test.
  • The provider will complete the required Southern Nevada Public Health Laboratory (SNPHL) forms and note the Person(s) Under Investigation (PUI) number.
  • SNPHL will receive the specimen and begin testing that will take up to four hours.
  • SNPHL will report results to your healthcare provider, SNHD epidemiology program, and state health department.
  • If positive, a test is considered “presumptive” and will be sent to CDC for confirmatory testing.
  • SNHD will conduct a full epidemiological investigation immediately and you will remain in isolation.
  • CDC will take up to 72 hours to complete the confirmatory testing once they receive the specimen.
  • CDC notifies the SNPHL of the results and SNPHL notifies the SNHD and State Chief Medical Officer of the results.

We’ll get through this together

We hope that learning these guidelines has provided some relief and confidence that your loved one receiving in-home care is still in the safe hands of our caregivers. We are available to answer any questions and address your concerns related to COVID-19 in Nevada or any other care-related matters. Whether you are already working with us or have recently developed a need for in-home care, please contact us at 702-564-2979.


We love surprising, and recognizing our Caregivers!

September 2019 – Caregiver of the Month – Lynnsey Bugher!

We appreciate so much the work our Caregivers do on a daily basis!  Lynnsey has displayed excellent care to the clients in which she cares for.  Andi Graham had an opportunity to surprise Lynnsey, and honor her for all her work.  Thank you Lynnsey!

Andi Graham and Lynnsey Bugher

Lynnsey and Client, Gail Hecht